Wednesday, 1 November 2017

how children learn at school

How Children Learn At School

Children have lots of different way of learning. They are really curious. Learning is really important for children because it helps the gain knowledge. One way children learn is by asking questions. They also give feedback and ask for feed forward.

When they ask for feed forward they get learn new things which could help them in different areas of learning. Children often watch role models and copy what they do.

When children are unsure of what to do they either listen to others carefully or watch others do. They can also search it up on the internet.

When children reflect about their learning they can see where they have gone wrong and what they have to improve on. They take risks to learn new things and get a new experience.

Children have lots of different ways to learn at school. They are really curious. Learning is a really important part of a children's time at school because it helps the gain knowledge and helps them build confidence in learning.

For this task we were working in partners to write an explanation. I worked with Aj. We then showed another pair our explanation and they gave us feedback and feed forward. Our feedback wast that we have great ideas and our writing is well layed out. Our feed forward was that we should try not to repeat things. 

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