Monday, 29 May 2017

Time table warm ups

Today we used the game Hit the button  to help us recall our 4x answer I found it hared to find the question so I will be practicing this in my own time 

Friday, 26 May 2017


Today we started our new tech classes. My new tech teacher is Tupo Lotu and we made a Oreo milkshake, it was simple and easy to make. Then once we finished making our milkshakes we had to clean up the mess before we could go and drink it.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Today we did a dance lesson with Ms Brett. First we did our warm ups and then we watched a dance video 'Sadeck x Ammar' . Then we got into our groups and created our own dance moves using wave movements, angles, shapes and different heights. it was so hard making up our own dance moves but I worked really hard with Mathias and Jay-Don and we came up with some really cool movements

Friday, 19 May 2017

How can PBS reduce

This is how the school can reduce the rubbish and this is my way how your school can reduce what school

Making Connections

Text to self
This is like something else I have done...
Some time’s I go and visit my grandma and grandpa at Tonga
Text to world
Something I know about that is like this is
My cousin live with my grandpa Monday to Friday to go school.  
Text to text

Red riding hood wont to go to her grandma house. And to get give her some apple pie.

This is my making Connections it talk about Text to self, Text to world and Text to text

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dance Lesson

Today I had a dance lesson  with  Mrs Anderson. We did  practice a warm up. We are  learning how to use free flow and bound flow movements  and we did twisted shapes and different      levels and travelling and straight movements. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World of Math

This is the World of Maths yesterday my team had to do the first task that we where given. I had done it with my team. When we first started we did not know what to do so we called for help. My favorite one was let me pass because it was using plus and problem solving but my favorite was strategy because we had to work together and collaborate with teacher's to find the answer.  

Thursday, 11 May 2017


                                    Today  dance lesson  with Mrs Anderson  first in dance was warm up  routine. A warm up is  helps your body prepare itself for exercise. And  the task was so good. I have to improve in do the warm ups.